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Continental GT 3rd Gen

Updated 07/27/17

The third generation Bentley Continental GT has been spotted testing around Europe and is expected to launch next year as a 2018 model. Bentley has quietly shown some images of what it will look like to several selected publications, who weren't allowed to share. Car and Driver's Mike Duff wrote, “the new Continental is set to be far more dynamic looking than the current model, albeit clearly sharing much of the same DNA. It also looks to be both lower and more muscular.” 1)

Unlike the 2nd generation, which was an evolution of the previous generation and carried much of the same chassis and driveline, the third generation is a completely new car. It is built off the Volkswagen's MSB platform, which underpins several VW products.2)

In the case of the new Continental, its development is being shared with sister company Porsche, who is using the MSB platform for the all new Porsche Panamera. The new platform is expected to save hundreds of pounds versus the current car.

Unlike the Panamera, which will offer a twin-turbo V6 option, the new Continental will offer Bentley's all new 6.0l W12 twin-turbo engine along with a new 4.0l twin-turbo V8 that is also being co-developed with Porsche3). A version of the car will be offered in subsequent years with a hybrid powertrain that might offer an electric only mode. In January, 2017, a video appeared from the Nürburgring of a Continental development vehicle that sounded very much like a V6, leading The Pursuit Bentley Blog to speculate that the Continental GT Hybrid will share a 2.9l V6 and electric drivetrain with the Porsche. (This was confirmed by Bentley's CEO in February.)

The styling of the car will continue the classic coupé shape of the last two Continentals. Photos of the prototype vehicles show the car to be lower and more athletic looking that the current model. The rear of the car is an evolution of the current model. The front end is heavily influenced by the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept car, including the concept car's jewel-like headlamps and 3D printed front grille.

Not many details about the new Continental's interior have been confirmed, though the all new Bentayga is believed to demonstrate some of the new technology future Bentley's will have in their cabins. The gauge cluster becomes a digital screen like the GT's competition has gone too. At the same time, the layout and design will feel familiar to current owners.

Continental GTC

Video and photos also exist of a convertible version of the new GT, indicating the Continental GTC will launch alongside the coupé.

The all new Bentley Continental GT is expected to be unveiled in 2017 and go on sale as a 2018 model.

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